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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and requirement for social distancing, we will continue to defer tastings previously scheduled for March and April with the goal of resuming tastings in May. Tasting dates that had originally been scheduled to take place in May will remain unchanged.

Please note the upcoming sample deadline for Vintages tastings #2960 Bordeaux and #3055 British Columbia has been moved from April 16th to April 30thPlease hold off on delivering these samples until the appropriate time. Revised sample deadline and tasting date schedule is attached (click here to open).

As a part of this revised process, the Buying team will be increasing the volume of direct purchases from these tenders to minimize the volume of samples that need to be delivered to and handled at Head office. Criteria for direct purchase consideration will include past historical sales performance and/or strong 3rd party accolades.  

Moving forward, to allow for continued social distancing with our trade partners, Agents/Suppliers are permitted to utilize courier services to drop off samples/paperwork to Head office. Samples must be clearly labelled with NISS Call ID Number, NISS Name, Product Manager, and corresponding NISS paperwork must be attached. Samples that fail to include the required labelling and documentation will not be tasted.

Thank you for your patience and support during this challenging time. If you have any questions relating to specific tenders please contact the appropriate Category or Product Manager.