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As COVID-19 continues, LCBO employees across the organization have been working around the clock to keep our business open and operating safely for Ontarians. It’s not always easy, but what has often lifted spirits and resonated with our teams has been hearing and sharing wonderful messages of support from customers. 

We know many of you have been eager to show your appreciation as well, so we would like to invite you participate in a compilation video that will be shared across the business, by contributing a personal message of support for our employees. Whether it’s a thanks to our retail teams, a shout out for supply chain operations or a kudos for head office employees, send us your video, image or written message of appreciation. It will mean so much to our employees to hear from our valued industry partners.

The process is simple – just submit your message here, by Thursday, May 14, 2020.

To help, please find a list of recording tips should you be creating a video message:

  1. If you’re shooting with your phone – hold it horizontally, not vertically.
  2. If you’re shooting with your laptop – try to get the laptop at eye level by placing a few books underneath, then tilt your screen down to adjust. If you need software to record on your laptop, click here for a free software download.
  3. Make sure you are not “back-lit” (i.e. Standing in front of a window).  
  4. Shoot in a quiet room. The closer you are to your device, the better the audio will pick up.

Additional resources/guides:

How to make videos on your phone (YouTube)

How to use a laptop to record a video (YouTube)

If you have any issues with uploading, please email for support.

We look forward to seeing your messages and thank you so much for your participation and continued support.