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The LCBO is appreciative of the efforts of our partners during this unprecedented time, as you halt normal business to meet the public’s demand for essential hand sanitizer.

We know you are looking for ways to help keep our employees, customers, and communities safe. We have received an outpouring of support to donate produced sanitizer, which means so much to us.

As you know, Health Canada is refining their guidance to the industry, in an effort to ensure a safe product is produced so we have set up a new process to make it easier to gather information from you.

To help us consider your supply of sanitizer, please send the following supporting information to: Sean Adams,

  1. Applicable Health Canada licenses (e.g. Product License, Site Licence)
  2. Product technical details, e.g. confirmation that you have followed the World Health Organization (WHO) formulation and guidelines
  3. Copy of your product label / product image
  4. Safety Data Sheet
  5. Social Media Handles
  6. #units donated
  7. Store/ warehouse location preference

Thank you for being a shining example of what it truly means to be a good partner to the LCBO.